trust the problems

every sinlge creatures in this world has their own problem.a cat need to ran away from a metal dog,a blossom tree need to survive at the dessert,an old man trying to figure out again what is this and what is that, my opinion,this life will be bring nothing deep mean for us if we dont have a problem.we are having a problem if we are not having a problem.see,from that u can see how life is really awesome because we need to think how to solve is not just a calculation,playing facts but also giving a creatures what a feeling when having a problems.but,when the problems come about love,no one will have a correct answer about it.

mostly we as a creatures that can feel,see,taste,smell and hear can be really stupid when not using these five perfect gifts to solve the thing.people can be so unfeel,blind,tasteless,odourless and deaf.why would this happen?its because people just take a person feeling like a bullet train at china.cant noticed a thing because its so damn fast.but,if people always think about it,no matter how fast the bullet train are,if they really watch their journey to the destination,they will noticed everything.if people always concerned about others feeling,life will be more easier.we dont have to pretend,we dont have to lie,we dont have to fake something,we dont hurt and we dont get is not a simple kinda thing.its complicated more than anyone could ever could be worse,it could be will amazing,it will be could be reality,it could be fantasy.

people need to trust the problem and create something new solution to overcome the big that people can accepts the little changes in their life.even its take some time.think positive will not solve can u lie your own mind?your heart still having someone u love.u cant just past it by.u will keep think bout it over and over again.and u will not want to remember the tough part.u will remember the lovely your problem to trust yourself.and people will trust on u back.and at the end,u will find the happiness moments in ur life.

love nanun.
p/s : what i feel is what i feel :)

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